Self Defense for Gentle People, Bottlecap Press (2022)


“Retirement Party,” Northwest Indiana Literary Journal (2023)

“Biblical Errors,” Joyland (2023)

“Adlai, Adlai,” Works Progress (2023)

“Volvo Island,” Midway Journal (2022)

“Listening Party,” Vol. 1 Brooklyn (2022)

“Saving the Futuro House,” King Ludd’s Rag (2021)

“Dinosaur III,” Hobart (2021)

“Spirit of Peoria,” Another Chicago Magazine (2021)

“The Translator’s Wife,” Oyez Review (2020)


“Poem in Which I Raise the Dead,” Sobotka Literary Magazine (2023)

“Madonna and Child with Butter Cow,” Good Life Review (2023)

“More People Left Illinois Than Any Other State Last Year,” The Second Bullshit Anthology (2023)


I write reviews of small press books for Heavy Feather Review, some of which are available here.

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